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Our filipina committee had a meeting about our valentines party. Our groups went at restaurant and order 3 big different pizza. We ordered it just for us. It was big round pizza but was so good. We held our meeting at restuarant for the first time. Beacause of our citizens official in our groups proclaimed they would retired and returned over for the new young committee.
We have now much filipina here in North Norway. Before was very few they said. Likewise, I came just 2 years ago. I will be 3 years this coming 11th of november. I am the youngest one filipina just I heard. One new filipina married today. She came 4 months ago as a fiance visa. She is 25 years old as I heard. But I am running 25 this coming june 2012. So, she is older than me. You know, she was lucky when she process the visa. She got only in one day! Imagine that! While we were waiting more than a year. Maybe, the rules in embassy in Manila was changed and maybe it will be easy to get fiance visa. Remember guys it is to get fiance visa when you plan to go here.
I just congradulation to her and to him for the new path in  their life. I married when I was 20 years old and wasn't knowing how goes on life as a wife to my older husband but until we going well and better. We wishing to be a perfect family and to have a wonderful normal baby soon. If God give that wish!

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